Kim Sperling’s first introduction to stones was when she was young; her father pointed out rock formations from the window of the family car while driving through Colorado. She had no idea that years later crystals and stones would become a significant part of her healing work. She has studied with some amazing teachers over the years, and this led to her incorporating stones into her treatments. It is her love for the stones, as well as other healing tools, that led her to create this site.

Kim is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and trained as a stone medicine practitioner. The crystal and stone wisdom she received in this program draws from 88th generation Taoist priest Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen and from Sarah Thomas, L.Ac. By bringing together her study of Taoist stone medicine, Chinese medicine, and her personal connection to stones, Kim has curated a collection of stones, remedies, and rituals to assist your health, well-being, and consciousness.

Shen Collective is a natural extension of the offerings she has at her studio, Shen Wellness. This site was created to offer tools to you in a time when healing and self-care are so important.

You are invited to use your intuition on this site. There may be a stone, necklace, or remedy that you feel drawn to have. There is likely a reason why, and it is an opportunity to trust that inner sense.